Water in Fuel Detection, Rigana Water Spy

The Rigana Water Spy is a device which is fitted to your diesel truck/vehicle, stand-by unit or air compressor unit. The unit detects and removes water from your fuel system, without allowing air into the system.


Benefits of installing the Rigana Water Spy fuel management system:

  • Reduce engine maintenance costs
  • Helps remove water from your fuel system
  • Helps prevent micro-organisms from developing
  • Improves engine performance

How it works:

When water is detected, it raises an alarm and a red light in the unit fitted to the vehicle cab.
The buzzer can be turned off, but will reactivate 30 minutes later if water is not released.
The light remains on as a reminder while there is still water in the system.
Water Spy has a spring loaded release cap that when pressure is applied it releases the water.
Once water is released the light goes off.

Additional optional features:

  1. Can be programmed to send a message to a control room or office.
  2. Unit can also be used as a panic alarm in emergency situations like a breakdown or hijacking.
  3. An auto shut down option for power standby or air generation engines.
  4. Automatically drain water when detected.

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