Accurate lab results? Treat your glass equipment with care!

Accurate Lab Results? Treat your glass equipment with care!

The effective care and use of lab equipment is vital for accurate sample results. It’s just not the same as washing dishes!

Want clean samples and an experiment with accurate results? To ensure your equipment performs at its best, you should:

  1. Clean the equipment directly after use and between each sample test to ensure no contamination of samples.
  2. Use new cleaning materials and the correct cleaning liquids at all times (not necessarily tap water!), for example, use toluene when testing petroleum samples. Using a quality lab detergent is also recommended for cleaning all beakers, flasks, bottles and other glassware used in the testing processes.
  3. Dry your equipment properly, leaving it to weather air dry or use the proper drying solutions and materials.
  4. Store your glassware upright in the correct packaging as this will help to minimise any breakages. Don’t use cracked, etched, scratched or chipped glass.

Treat your equipment with care and it will not only last longer but perform better as well!