When it comes to tank dipping equipment, we’ve been tried & trusted.

Rigana’s Tank Dipping Equipment


At Rigana, bulk fuel management is one of our specialities. For while industries such as Petro-Chemical, Mining and Aviation cannot regulate the cost of fuel, they can use systems and products to manage how fuel is used and monitored within their operations.

Bulk fuel management requires good control records, stringent safety regulations, the use of well-maintained equipment, and proper measuring tools. All these factors will help prevent the loss of fuel, through leaks, unauthorised use, or theft.

When receiving and storing fuel, industry recommended practices include checking product levels, water levels, product temperature, and product density. Our range of specialised solutions is designed to safely and accurately facilitate these practices and all our products are produced to the highest quality and accuracy standards.
The range includes intrinsically safe equipment, spill kits, water finder and dipping paste, dip tapes and dip sticks, rail tankcar equipment, sampling equipment, tank thermometers and liquid density meters, and operating equipment.

In the words of CEO Grant Pedler, ““The application of our products is very specific. We offer a wide range of products depending on our client’s requirements and budgets. If a client has a specific problem, we pride ourselves on meeting our company tagline – Inspired Innovation.”