Wooden Dip Stick

Dip Stick safety and the correct handling

Dip Stick safety is important and we thought to share some tips on the correct handling of Dip Sticks.

Normal use of your dip stick will not result in any injuries as the edges are smooth and the stick is manufactured from either meranti wood or anodized aluminum, which makes the stick extremely light in weight. The length of the stick must be taken in to account, making sure you do not hit any persons or objects while dipping.

Do not allow the stick to be dragged on the ground or hit in to objects which may dent, scratch or mark the dipping stick in any way. The operator should be aware of their surroundings and not leave the dip sticks in common traffic areas.

Wipe the stick with a soft clean cloth after use. The stick should be stored on a rack or in a PVC pipe, attached horizontally on to a wall. This will increase the life span of the dip stick and not cause any un-necessarily damage.

Rigana Dipping Paste

Dipping paste is smeared on to the clean dip stick or tape at a height where it is estimated that the product reaches in the tank. The height of the product dipped will wash off the dipping paste, indicating a clear cut line, showing the depth of the product. The paste does not allow creeping of the product or fumes up the stick or tape.

When using the paste, the operators hands must be clean and dry. Make sure your tube of paste is stored in a cool dry place.

Rigana Water Finding Paste

Water finder paste is smeared on to the bottom end of a stick or tape. Any water in the tank dipped will be indicated by a definate change in colour, from green to pink. Dipping time will be approximately ten seconds, depending on what product you are dipping. Allowing approximately twenty seconds or so for alcohol blended products.

When using the paste the operators hands must be clean and dry. Make sire the tube of paste is stored in a cool dry place.

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