Blackened Stainless Steel Premium Tape

Do you know the correct dipping procedure?

Rigana Dipping equipment is manufactured to a very high standard of quality ( 9001:2015 ) for correct dipping procedure.

Dip Tape Safety

When performing a tank dipping procedure, ensure that the winding handle is at the right hand side to the frame. During dipping it is essential that the winding handle be loosely controlled by a cupped hand. If the winding handle is left uncontrolled it could return to the winding position and if it strikes the hand it could cause an injury.

The speed of the descent of the tape should be controlled by applying the thumb of the left hand softly on to the tape next to the wooden handle, the thumb acts as a brake.

All moving parts of the dip tape should be regularly oiled. The operator should avoid bending the tape at a sharp angle over the edge of a tank, dip hatch, as this will cause the tape to kink, giving you an inaccurate reading. When the dip tape is being wound in or pulled out, the operator should be careful that the dip bob does not hit the bottom of the dip hatch and in the process damages the tape. Never use a dip tape to take tank samples with a sample flask or wellscoop thermometer as this will stretch the tape. Never carry the dip tape with the bob attached, it is recommended that you use a chemical resistant equipment bag.

Always remove the bob from a dip tape when it is stored, this will prevent unnecessary bending of the tape. Wipe the tape with a soft clean cloth after use and if it is likely to be stored for a lengthy period of time, lightly oil the tape.

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