A focus on security seals: Hawk, Griffin, Harrier, and Falcon

A Focus On Security Seals


When it comes to transporting goods, security seals can make all the difference, discouraging and preventing tampering and theft. Even more so if they are personalised with the company name or serial numbering for easy identification and tracking.

Use a Rigana seal and you will be using a quality product to protect your goods.

Rigana seals are:

  • Perfect for low, medium, and high security risk applications.
  • Available in a wide range of materials (including stainless steel, zinc, polypropylene and tin).
  • Produced SA – locally manufactured and distributed.
  • Manufactured in line with our vision for our employees and our clients – to provide a superior service that has a positive impact on every individual we work with and every environment we work in.

Need a personalised seal?
No problem! All Rigana security seals can be personalised with both the company name and serial numbering or barcoding (for polypropylene seals) for easy identification and tracking. Depending on the order size and availability of stock, we boast a turnaround time just 48 hours.


A bit more about some of our top selling seals
– Hawk, Griffin, Harrier, and Falcon:


1. Hawk Container Security Seal:

A high security container bolt seal:

  • Also known as a shipping container lock.
  • Manufactured from a high carbon steel pin and bush.
  • Each container security seal is laser engraved with a serial number to prevent tampering, with the added option of personalising it with the company name or logo.
  • Bolt length is 87mm; bolt diameter is 11mm, and head diameter is 22mm.
  • Available in yellow and packed 100 per box.


Griffon Seal

2. Griffin Pull Tight Security Seal:

A pull tight seal:

  • Manufactured from polypropylene.
  • A pull-through seal performing to medium security levels.
  • Metal insert in the locking mechanism gives the security seal added strength.
  • Available in red, blue, and yellow, and packed 1000 per box.
  • Can be personalised with the use of serial numbers, barcodes, or the company name or logo by digital heat transfer printing.
  • Strap length is 410mm and strap width is 7mm.


Harrier Metal Security Seal

3. Harrier Metal Security Seal:

A tin-plated, fixed length metal seal:

  • A very good double ring locking mechanism allowing it to perform to medium security levels.
  • Typical applications include tankers, meters, containers, trucks, electrical boxes, rail tankcars, cash boxes, trolleys, gates and doors.
  • Serial numbering is done by laser engraving with the option of including the company name or logo.
  • Strap length is 218mm and strap width is 8mm.
  • Packed 1000 per box.


Falcon Pull Through Security Seal

4. Falcon Seal:

A polypropylene pull-through security seal:

  • Includes stainless steel insert in the locking mechanism with the tensile strength of 35 Kgf.
  • Seal tail is thin, designed to fit through small, confined apertures.
  • Available in red, blue or yellow and packed 1000 per box.
  • Can be personalised with the use of serial numbers and the company name or logo by heat transfer printing.
  • Strap length is 302mm and strap width 3.8mm.
  • Has an operating temperature of -40C / +80C.


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