How to Make Your Dip Tapes Last

How to make your Dip Tapes last


The longevity of dip tapes depends on how they are handled. Here are a few tips as to what you can do to ensure durability.

  • All moving parts of the dip tape should be regularly oiled.
  • The operator should avoid bending the tape at a sharp angle over the edge of the tank dip hatch as this will cause the tape to kink.
  • When the dip tape is being wound in or pulled out the operator should be careful that the dip bob does not hit the bottom of the dip hatch and in the process damage the tape.
  • Never use a dip tape to take tank samples with a sample flask or well scoop thermometer as this will stretch the tape.
  • Never carry the dip tape with the bob attached and rather use an equipment bag.

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