OLE Tank Gauges – Our Clients’ First Choice

OLE Tank Guages


Used to indicate the level of fuel in a tank, tank gauges need to operate accurately and efficiently every time. The best tank gauge for the job? OLE. Here are nine simple reasons why:

Time-saving: Tank dipping can be a lengthy process, requiring a temperature measurement and correction mathematics. OLE tank gauges reduce the required number of physical dips, saving you precious time.

Continuous indication: Because they use digital gauging, OLE gauges provide a continuous indication of tank contents.

High accuracy: OLE gauges measure litres using hydrostatic pressure. This results in high accuracy, perfect for the ‘standard supply’ temperature (20ºC in Africa), and allows for repeatable readings that are not temperature dependant.

Ullage indication: OLE gauges have a two button operation, auto reset function, and show ullage. This gives delivery drivers confidence in offloading orders.

Alarm feature: OLE gauges have an integrated high level alarm to avoid overflows if the delivery is mistakeny put into the incorrect tank.

Easy delivery check: OLE gauges allow for easy checking of delivered litres, reflecting litres before versus litres after = delivered volume.

Output communication: Using a 4-20 milliamp outputs signal, proportional to litres, OLE gauges can be linked to Building Management Systems at time of purchase or in the future.

Pump control: OLE Z5020 gauges have Modbus RS485 communications for linking to Fuel Management Systems at time of purchase or in the future. They also have 4 x level switch outputs for pump control.

Water bottom detection: OLE gauges have the option of water bottom detection, using an additional probe, attached to the main gauge.