Precision in Pink

Precision in Pink


While you may be familiar with dipping paste and all that it does, we’d like to introduce you to our brand new pink dipping paste. Not only does this paste facilitate the accurate measurement of product in tanks, it now comes in a luminous pink shade that allows you to experience ultimate accuracy, even at night. What’s more, it comes in an easy-to-use tube to ensure no mess or wastage and it is non-hazardous, having no detrimental effect on the environment. Watch our video here:



All You Need to Know About Dipping Paste:

Dipping paste is essentially formulated to give an accurate product level and is not affected by product fumes like most other alternatives.


Tank Dipping Procedure:

  1. Open the tank dip hatch.
  2. Ascertain the height of the open dip hatch to the bottom dip plate or the tank floor.
  3. Smear the pink dipping paste onto the dip stick or onto the dip tape at the estimated product level. (The paste should be applied thinly and not thickly when dipping into fuels such as petrol, diesel and paraffin.)
  4. Make sure to attach your clamp to avoid static electricity while lowering your dip tape into the tank. Safety is essential.
  5. Slowly lower the tape until the brass bob makes contact with the dip plate at the bottom of the tank. Do not slacken the tape and after a second or two raise the tape again.
  6. Wind up the dip tape and record where the pink dipping paste has been removed.
  7. Attach a Wellscoop Thermometer to a dipping rope and lower approximately to the centre of the product and after two minutes, rewind the rope and record the temperature of the product immediately. For a more accurate and faster recording of the temperature, a Rigana Digital Thermometer could be used.
  8. The dipping process can also be used with Rigana Water Finder to detect any water that may be found in your tank.
  9. Close the tank dip hatch.