Calibration & Repair Services

Calibration / Repair Services


In-House Calibration / Repair Service

In order to assist our clients in implementing and maintaining good manufacturing practices and traceability of their production plants, refineries and laboratories Rigana's calibration departments provides in-house period calibration/repair service to ensure the traceability of the accuracy of the instruments and process equipment mentioned below.

Over 38 years of reputation for specialist skills led us to work in harmony with overseas companies to provide a cost effective upgrade service and a fast turnaround repair for OLE gauges and sophisticated electronic equipment. 

Calibration of a wide range of equipment

Premium Dip Tapes, Hydrometers, Conductivity meters, Dip Bobs and Rods, Tank Thermometers, Density Meters, Aluminium Dip Sticks, Liquid Glass Thermometers.

What does Calibration entail?

Pre-Calibration examination. Visual inspection for defaults and do repairs if possible.

Calibration / Repairs. As per the American Society for Testing and Materials International Standard Methods.

Documentation. A calibration report is prepared to detail all pertinent information concerning the test. The observed readings of the instruments (with the corresponding corrections) and all required information to convey the National Institute of standards of technology traceability. 

Validation, Qualification and Additional Services

We offer an ISO 9001 approved documentation for all calibration measurements. 

We set up a re-calibration program and will contact you ahead of the expiry date of the certificate. Speak to our friendly, dedicated staff should you wish to be added to the program.

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