O.L.E Tank Gauges

RIGANA are proud to be the EXCLUSIVE distributors in Southern Africa for O.L.E (UK) LTD.

Six reasons why our customers like the OLE TANK GAUGES?

  1. The OLE gauges use hydrostatic pressure to measure litres resulting in high accuracy.
  2. Saves time by displaying a continuous level indication.
  3. Integrated high level alarm to prevent overfills and show ullage available in tank to check deliveries.
  4. Water bottom detection in petroleum products by adding extra probe to main gauge.
  5. Z5020 gauges have modbus RS485 communications for linking to fuel management systems and 4 x level switch outputs used for pump control.
  6. Fully adaptable to suit your gauging requirements and affordable starting from R8900 per tank.

CONTACT Rigana Today for custom tank monitoring solution to suit most tank sizes or shapes.

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