240L Wheelie Bin Unbranded Spill Kit240L Wheelie Bin Unbranded Spill Kit

240lt Bin Heavy Duty Spill Kit

240L Hydrocarbon Broad Spectrum Mobile Bin Spill Kit

Spill kits are used to clean up any spills or leaks from oil or other hazardous materials. The equipment and supplies contained in the spill kit are designed to facilitate quick clean ups to limit injury and reduce a potentially hazardous situation from occurring.

  • Yellow Wheelie Bin – 220lt.
  • Petrozorb Bronze – 2 x 15kg.
  • Oil Absorbent Brooms – 2 x 2m x 125mm.
  • Oil Absorbent Pillows – 2 x 40cm x 40cm.
  • HD Disposal Bags and Ties – 5 x 130 micron.
  • Dust Pan and Brush – 1 x set.
  • Safety Goggles, Nitrile Gloves, Dust Mask – 1 x set PPE.
  • Spark proof Shovel and Hard Bristle Broom – 1 x set.

Items may vary from the above image and contents.


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