Distillation Unit DU4

Distillation Unit – DU 4

The DU 4 Distillation Unit is designed for examining the boiling range characteristics of petroleum products as well as aromatic hydrocarbons and other volatile organic liquids.

Testing and results are in full compliance with ASTM D86 (Group 0 to 4), ASTM D850, ASTM D1078, ISO 3405, IP 123, IP 195.



  • Compact design
  • Expanded range of application
  • Budget-saving

Convenient Operation:

  • Easily adjustable flask support
  • Stepless electronic power regulator
  • Advanced user safety due to encapsulated heating elements

Customized User Flexibility:

  • Add-on glassware for ASTM D86 distillation group 0 and solvent distillation (optional)
  • Circulator for heating and cooling (optional)
  • Full-view tempering jacket for measuring cylinder required for group 0 distillation (optional)
  • Liquid level indicator (optional)


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