Density And Concentration Meters Generation M

Density and Concentration Meters Generation M – DMA MSeries

DMA Generation M density meters deliver real accuracy based on real experience – and simply feel better to work with. It enables you to measure sample’s density and concentration by a fairly simple push-button procedure.



Check the sample filling process via a high-quality image of the glass cell on the screen or recall stored images of the entire filled-in sample at any later time.

Ease of use

Perform your tasks quickly and efficiently with the large and easily operated touchscreen. Open your favorite menu dialogs directly from the main screen using the quick access area. Assign different user levels to prevent any accidental changes. Symbols on the screen show you vital information, such as measurements in progress, FillingCheckTM alerts and the current status of an automatic sample changer or measuring module.

PCAP touchscreen

The 10.4” touchscreen uses projected capacitive technology (PCT/PCAP) for a state-of-the-art user experience.


ThermoBalanceTM eliminates the need for multi- temperature calibrations and allows you to quickly perform accurate measurements at very different temperatures.

Adaptable configurations

Integrate the flexible DMA Generation M into your lab environment without difficulty. Add a sample changer or any of the various additional measuring modules to increase the efficiency of your measuring processes.

Convenient data handling

Store your results in the instrument for as long as you want and use its various interfaces for data exports via USB flash drive, printer or Ethernet services.

Automatic air adjustments

Rest assured that the local air pressure for air adjustments is correctly accounted for due to the built-in atmospheric pressure sensor.


Your density meter automatically detects filling errors or bubbles in the sample in real time, alerts you and documents the incident.

Viscosity correction

The sample’s viscosity causes damping of the oscillating U-Tube, which would normally reduce the achievable repeatability and accuracy of the measurement. To avoid this effect, DMA Generation M meters automatically correct the viscosity influence on the measured density over the full range of densities, viscosities and temperatures.


Anton Paar’s DMA density meters combine the ground-breaking oscillating U-tube principle, and an integrated reference oscillator, highly accurate platinum thermometers and a full-range viscosity correction for exceptional measurement performance.


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