Jet A1 Field Test Kit

Full ortable Complete Quick Jet A1 Testing Kit (Suspended Water).

Full ortable Complete Quick Jet A1 Testing Kit (Suspended Water) complete with:

  • 500ml Glass sample Jar – Clear glass jar with screw lid and inner seal.
  • 500ml Tin Storage can – Tin plate can with screw cap and inner seal.
  • PVC Gloves
  • Hydrometer jar – 50ml clear TPX Graduated Hydrometer Jar
  • Hydrometer – M50SP@15℃, range 0.775/0.825, max length 270mm, Divisions 0.001
  • Thermometer – ASTM12c/IP64c, Density wide range, -20/ 120℃, maz length 425mm, divisions 0.2, total immersion.
  • Nylon Syringe – 5ml Single Handed Reverse Action Syringe
  • Shell Water Detector capsules – To detect the presence in Jet Fuels of finely dispersed undissolved water in concentrations lower than those normally detectable by visual examination.
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