Jet A1 Field Test KitJet A1 Field Test Kit

Jet A1 Field Test Kit

Full portable Complete Quick Jet A1 Testing Kit (Suspended Water).

Full portable Complete Quick Jet A1 Testing Kit (Suspended Water) complete with:

  • 500ml Glass sample Jar – Clear glass jar with screw lid and inner seal.
  • 500ml Tin Storage can – Tin plate can with screw cap and inner seal.
  • PVC Gloves
  • Hydrometer jar – 50ml clear TPX Graduated Hydrometer Jar
  • Hydrometer – M50SP@15℃, range 0.775/0.825, max length 270mm, Divisions 0.001
  • Thermometer – ASTM12c/IP64c, Density wide range, -20/ 120℃, maz length 425mm, divisions 0.2, total immersion.
  • Nylon Syringe – 5ml Single Handed Reverse Action Syringe
  • Shell Water Detector capsules – To detect the presence in Jet Fuels of finely dispersed undissolved water in concentrations lower than those normally detectable by visual examination.
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