TP7D ThermoprobeTP7D Thermoprobe

Thermoprobe TP7D

The Thermoprobe TP7-D intrinsically safe thermometer is manufactured from highly resilient materials and has a convenient cable reel system making it excellent for use in tanks, trucks, pipelines, barges, and railcars. These digital thermoprobe thermometers offer many advantages when compared to mercury thermometer based measuring techniques and does not have to be taken to the surface in order to get a reading. Features of the Thermoprobe TP7-D include a stabilization indicator, up/down arrows that indicate in which direction the measurement is trending, on screen menus for calibration/switching units, and an extended battery life of 200 hours.

The Thermoprobe TP7-D is suitable for use with all petrochemicals and many other liquids including acids and distilled spirits. The units are manufactured with a standard weight probe (0.11 Kg). Other probe options available on request are an extra weight probe (0.23 Kg), a railcar probe (No Weight), and an asphalt probe (0.34 Kg) for high viscosity petrochemicals.

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  • An accuracy of ±0.2°F (±0.1°C) and long term stability are achieved with the use of a platinum RTD sensor combined with precision electronics.
  • Large measurement range of -40 to 400°F (-40 to 204°C).
  • Displays measurements in either degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Has a 4 point NIST traceable calibration certificate.
  • Features a resolution of 0.1°
  • Simple to use as it requires one button for use and all usability functions are controlled automatically.
  • Battery voltage and display integrity are checked each time the instrument is turned on.
  • Notifications of possible probe errors or over/under range conditions are indicated to the user.
  • The displays backlight feature is automatically triggered by a sensor, requiring no controls for use.
  • Power is provided by AA batteries with a typical runtime of 200 hours.

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