Aviation Shell Water Detector PackagingAviation Shell Water Detector Packaging

Water Detector Capsules & Syringes

Rigana supplies the Aviation industry with Water Detector Capsules and Syringes used to detect finely dispersed undissolved water in jet fuel. The Water Detector capsule can detect water concentrations as low as 15ppm.

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Fuel temperature in aviation tanks decreases during flight, causing precipitation of the undissolved water. This separated water drops to the bottom of tank and can freeze or if in the pipes, freezes and causes blockages in the fuel inlet pipes, filters and injectors. The Water Detector Capsules and Syringes are used to detect undissolved water in road vehicles transporting jet fuel, airport tanks, fueller and trailer compartments, hydrant dispensers and filtration equipment.

Aviation regulations stipulate Water Detector Capsules to have a shelf life so are supplied in a box containing 80 capsules with syringes supplied separately. Rigana is the official appointed distributor for Shell.

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