O.L.E Tank GaugeO.L.E Tank Gauge

Z5020 ATEX Tank Gauge

Single or Multiple Tank Gauging for hazardous liquids such as Kerosene or Petrol.


  • Auto Backlit Display showing: Contents, Capacity, Ullage, Alarms, Status Bar & Tank Name.
  • Accuracy /- 0.25% or better.
  • Two (2) Year Warranty.
  • 4-20 mA output for BMS Modbus as standard.
  • Weatherproof IP65 enclosures.
  • Suitable for any height / shape of Tank.
  • Lower Installation & Maintenance.
  • Alarm Test Functions.
  • Two button auto reset operation.
  • Single power connection for multi-functions.
  • Replaces separate Gauge, High / Low & Bund Alarms.
  • This 0.25% accuracy range of ATEX Gauges also have adjustable Safe Working Capacity.
  • Sensors are Zone 0/1 Certified. ATEX Junction box included Zone 0/1.
  • Gauge enclosures are IP65 and suitable for ATEX Zone 2.
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