Rail tank cars are used to transfer bulk liquids by rail on behalf of companies such as from an oil company depot to another depot or customer. When loading a tank car with product it can be loaded through a bottom valve or through the manhole at the top of the rail tanker.

Each rail tank car is individually calibrated by the railway company up to a fixed point inside the manhole and the capacity is recorded in the railways “Tank car calibration Register” and is available to all users of rail tank cars. Space is allowed in the calculations to ensure that there is space for expansion or contraction of product due to temperature variances. This empty space is known as the ullage.

When a tank car is loaded at a depot it is filled either by meter or to the fixed point in the tank car manhole. It is difficult to fill to the exact fixed point and an instrument such as the RIGANA ULLAGE GAUGE is used to measure the amount of under-fill or over-fill.

On receipt of a tank car of product is once again measured for ullage before discharging in order to record the in-transit gain or loss. This could be due to leakage theft or temperature variances.

Rigana Rail Tank Car Ullage Gauge

Rigana`s ullage gauge is used to measure the ullage from the top of the product to the top of the tank car fixed point in the manhole. A reading of either excess or shortage of product is recorded.

To obtain an accurate mark of the reading, RIGANA Dipping Paste should be used as well as RIGANA Water Finder to ensure that the rail tank car does not have water in the product.

Rigana Dipping Thermometer

Rigana dipping thermometer is encased in a metal scoop and is used to ascertain the temperature of the product inside a rail tank car. The scoop casing is there to protect the glass thermometer and to ensure a correct sample temperature.

Rail Tank car Broom

Although a rail tank car bottom is sloped to the centre, on completion of discharging the product, pools of product often remain. These pools of product can then be swept to the centre bottom valve, ensuring that all product is expelled. This is also necessary to ensure that there is no unecessary loss of product and to ensure that the next product loaded is not contaminated with the previous load.

The Rigana rail car broom is both flexible but extremely ridged and is designed to get it to the hard-reachable places.

These brooms are made up in two parts, including an aluminium handle and a neoprene scraper blade. Replacement blades are available and are very easy to replace.

Rigana Rail Tank Car Emergency Plug

The Rigana rail tank car emergency plug is a wooden device which can be used to contain leakage from a rail tank car bottom valve should it be found to be leaking when the valve cap is removed.

The plug can be forced in to the drain valve, situated underneath the rail tankcar to reduce any spillage or leaks from a faulty valve. It is a temporary measure to enable the product to be pumped out through the tank car manhole