Aviation Shell Water Detector Packaging

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Procedure for using Shell Water Detector Capsules
Step 1: Check the equipment
• Water Detector capsule: examine the bottom of the tube to ensure the capsules have not passed their expiry date.
• 5 ml syringe, make sure the syringe operates freely and the nozzle is not damaged.
• Glass jar or closed circuit sample, ensure the sample jar is clean and free from water.
Step 2: Fit the capsule
• Remove a capsule from the tube. Handle carefully and do not touch or allow any moisture onto the yellow paper of the capsule.
• Close the tube to avoid contamination of other capsules at ambient humidity.
• Check that the paper is uniformly yellow, if it is not, discard an use another capsule.
• Fit the capsule to the syringe with the plunger in the depressed position.
Step 3: Draw a sample
• Use the sample from the visual check you have just completed.
• If you do not already have the sample, follow the task breakdown procedures from the visual clear and bright procedure.
Step 4:
• Immerse the capsule and approximately half of the syringe using a circular motion into the sample.
• Ensure you are using gloves that are impervious to fuel for your safety.
Step 5:
• Pull the plunger to draw 5 ml of fuel sample into the syringe.
Step 6:
• Withdraw the syringe from the fuel and examine the capsule immediately for any change of colour in the centre wetted area of the capsule.
Step 7: Results
• If there is no colour change, the sample is acceptable.
• The colour of the centre can change to slight yellow/ green at very low dispersed water concentrations, with the change to green becoming progressively more noticeable with increased water content.
• A few green speckles or a slight change in colour would be recorder as a ” trace “, a distinct colour change would be recorded as ” suspended water “
Step 8: After sampling
• Dispose of the used capsule safely. It can only be used ONCE.
• Empty the contents of the syringe back into the sample container and return into the recovery tank.
• Complete the documentation Interpretation of Shell Water Detector Results, the presence of suspended water is indicated by a change in colour of the centre portion of the capsule, it changes from faint yellow to green if water is detected.
Storage Life
Unused capsules should be stored in their container with the cap on tightly to prevent discolouration by humidity.

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