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Rigana Wet Stock Management

You may be experiencing fuel losses and without the right measures in place to identify and prevent them, your business could be losing money without you even knowing it.

This could happen from delivery discrepancies, meter readings being incorrect, theft, evaporation or temperature losses, storage tank and line leaks, change in water levels, overfill of tanks.

Rigana Wet Stock Management Live has the solution for you

No installation or additional equipment is required

How To Reduce Fuel Losses

Wet stock management is the process that a fuel storage operator would use to keep accurate control of the purchase and sales of all fuel delivered and dispensed on their site. These records need to be retained on site for a minimum of 5 years and made available to any local authority or inspector to view when requested.

Wet stock management is a vital function in the day to day operations of a Retail Service Station or any fuel storage facility. It is crucial to the early detection of potential problems such as leaks, any other fuel losses or poor operational management.

Loss of product to ground can have a serious impact on underground water supplies, nearby rivers and streams as well as the soil in the immediate vicinity posing a health risk to plants, animals and local communities. Exorbitant clean up costs, loss of revenue and spoiled reputation could result if sites wet stocks are not properly managed and analysed.

How Wet Stock Management Benefits Your Sites

Your site would benefit immensely from incorporating WSM Live in to your daily operational procedures:

Failure reporting is immediate at the time of data validation and relevant persons are notified automatically via email.

WSM Live is available anywhere, anytime, even on mobile devices.

Retailers will now be equipped to better manage and control their wet stocks.

Cloud Based and much more.

Click the below link to learn how Rigana Wet Stock Management Live will be more beneficial to your daily operations.

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