Rigana’s Premium Range of Dip Sticks

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Rigana’s premium range of Dip Sticks


Rigana Manufacturing produces a range of dip sticks used in a multitude of industries, but mainly in the Petroleum sector. The range is comprised of a standard wooden stick, a premium wooden stick and an aluminium stick. The sticks are marked accurately according to an official standard conversion chart.

Standard Wooden Dip Sticks
Our wooden sticks are CO2 machine engraved, and are manufactured both in volumetric or metric scales: litres or centimeters. The standard range is manufactured from Meranti wood.

Meranti Wooden Dip Sticks

Meranti Dip Sticks Stock Item

Premium Wooden Dip Sticks
For the premium range we use Massaranduba, a much denser wood (so dense it does not float in water!). If stored correctly, it is also less susceptible to twisting or bending. Will be supplied with a manufacturing certificate of accuracy.

Premium Wooden Dip Sticks

Massaranduba Dip Sticks Made To Order

Aluminium Dip Sticks
Aluminium dip sticks are the highest quality stick that Rigana manufactures. We produce them in litres, centimeters and millimeters. The millimeter sticks can be calibrated and supplied with a calibration certificate.

Aluminium Dip Sticks

Aluminium Dip Sticks

We also supply custom manufactured sticks to your requirements including personalized branding using your company name and website. Not just a dipstick, but a marketing tool.

Don’t Forget About our Pastes
Rigana water finding paste and dipping paste need to be used in conjunction with our range of sticks to determine the levels of product in your tank – and to determine whether or not you have water at the bottom of your tank. Both types of paste can be used at the same time during a dip. The water finding paste is applied on the bottom of your stick. As fuel is lighter than water, the dipping paste is applied to the top of the stick around the zone where you have estimated your level to be.

Water Finder Paste Tubes

Water Finding Paste

Rigana Dipping Paste

Pink Dipping Paste

Tips on Storing Wooden Dip Sticks
To get the maximum life out of your wooden dip sticks, they need to be stored horizontally on a flat surface in a dry cool place, out of direct sunlight, and if possible stored in a suitable container such as a PVC plumbing pipe. This will help protect the dip stick when not in use and reduce any distortion of the wood while drying. Standing them upright against a wall will cause the wood to bend or twist which will affect your readings when dipping. Any excess product must be cleaned off after dipping the tanks. Sticks must be checked regularly for wear and tear and replaced when damaged. Please always bear in mind that this is not just a piece of wood, but a measuring instrument.

If you’d like to order any of our quality tank dipping products please contact us here.