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Rigana`s RTR – Digital Tank Thermometer

The RIGANA TEMPERATURE READER (RTR) is an intrinsically safe temperature measuring instrument for use in liquids stored in bulk storage tanks. It has the capacity to take temperatures and store recordings at three levels in 50 tanks. When 2 or 3 temperatures are taken in a tank, the average temperature is calculated if required.

The temperatures recorded are automatically saved and can either be viewed manually from the device or transferred to a computer programme using a USB cable.

The frame, reel and components are all manufactured from an Ex-nylon material.


Measurement Range:  -400C to 1630C (-400F to 3250F)

Ambient Temperature Range:  -200C to 400C (-40F to 1040F)

Resolution:  0.10C or 0.010C Selectable

Temperature Scale:  Centigrade or Fahrenheit

Temperature Accuracy:

-400C to -300C:   ±0.250C

-300C to +1000C:  ±0.10C

-1000C to +1630C:  ±0.250C

Repeatability:  -400C to 1630C @ ±0.10C

Calibration:  Digital One Point 00C

Memory:  50 Tanks, each 3 readings

Display:  LCD 2 lines x 4 Chars each

Power:  Rechargeable 9v battery

Battery Saving:  Auto Shut off

Low Battery indication:  LOW BATT, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

Overall Dimension of Reader:  90 x 166 x 31 mm

Weight of RTR blue box:  286 gram

Instrument Protection:  IP 54

RTR blue box:  Dedicated ABS box

Temperature Sensor:  PT1000 with Lumberg SV-80-8 Plug

Gross Weight:  ± 2.8kgs

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