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Using our tank gauges will reduce the time it takes to manually dip your tanks, saving you time as the level is displayed continuously on the units screen which is a great benefit. This also reduces human error when converting your data during physical dips. Our tank gauges are used in numerous industries ( both in hazardous and non-hazardous environments) as per below:

• Fuel
• Generators
• Transport
• Farming
• Water Storage
• Aviation
• Distributor/Depots
• Forecourts
• Chemical

Our gauges use hydrostatic pressure to measure the litres, this results in high accuracy for the standard supply temperature ( 20°C ). Repeatable readings are not temperature dependant. The units also show you the Ullage and have a high-level alarm to avoid overfills. All gauges have a water detector option which will set an alarm off if water is detected at the bottom of your tank.

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