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Rigana Manufacturing, a local manufacturer and supplier, says its products are helping African mines achieve bulk fuel management cost effectively. African Mining Brief finds out how the company is managing this from its CEO, Grant Pedler.

While mines cannot control the rising cost of fuel, at least, they can manage its effects on their operations. What mines might miss is that, cumulatively, unaccounted millilitres of fuel lost in the supply chain ultimately add up to a fortune. That’s why for any company involved in bulk fuel management good management, control records, safety regulations, maintenance of equipment and the correct measurement tools are essential, says Grant Pedler, the Chief Executive Officer of Rigana Manufacturing, a supplier of a broad range of fuel management systems to mines and other industries.
“These essentials give an organisation confidence that fuel is being used correctly, that any leaks are identified quickly and that theft or unauthorised use does not occur.”
According to Pedler, the recommended practice in fuel management is when receiving and storing fuels to check product levels, water levels, product temperature, product density, and use this data in conjunction with conversion charts to a designated temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. Rigana Manufacturing supplies a holistic range of accurate specialised solutions to facilitate this.

Pedler says that the mines and other industries are utilising Rigana’s know-how in their bulk fuel management requirements. “We supply directly to all the major petro-chemical companies throughout Southern Africa. We currently supply to the mining industry via mining supply houses in South Africa and through our 17 distributors in Africa. We have also recently opened a new branch in the United Kingdom.” As every mine has got specific requirements it is the responsibility of suppliers to ensure that they provide products that suit them. And as regards Rigana’s approach, Pedler says: “The application of our products is very specific. We do offer premium and standard ranges depending on our client’s requirements and budgets. If a client has a specific problem we pride ourselves on meeting our company tag line – Innovative solutions inspired by you.”

Staying abreast with fuel management changes

Suppliers have to continuously enhance their solutions to keep pace with rapid changes in bulk fuel management needs in mines. And to cope with this, Rigana Manufacturing has a dedicated Research and Development (R&D) department that is currently developing a range of intrinsically safe electronic tank equipment.
“We have recently introduced a new in house calibration laboratory for dimension, temperature and density. This year we have also introduced products to ease the burden of fuel consumption and increase fuel efficiency. These products are internationally proven to reduce fuel consumption and clean the fuel system of the engine. Fuel savings of up to 12% can be realised,” Pedler says. Moreover, as engine maintenance is a key issue in fuel consumption and maintenance costs, Rigana has developed a unit which detects free water in fuel lines and can alert a driver and control room of this. Pedler explains the significance of this innovation: “Water in the fuel of a diesel engine can potentially cause damage to the engine and fuel filtration system leading to high repair costs.”

Product warranty

On the issue of after-sale service, Pedler reveals that as a large number of Rigana’s products are of a consumable nature the warranty covers manufacturing defect.
“The longevity of many products also depends on correct handling procedures being followed. Electronic devices generally have a 1 year warranty.”
BEE level 1 certified, Rigana Manufacturing is ISO 9001 approved and has an in house Quality Assurance department.

This article first appeared in ‘African Mining Brief’ – December 2014