Using wooden dipsticks? Treat them with care.


Wooden dipsticks are a safe option for use in tanks as they will break and not cause damage to the bottom of tanks when used correctly. However, they are a cheap consumable and must be checked regularly for wear and tear and replaced when damaged. Wood will absorb the product when dipping and this will affect the shelf life of the dipstick, so the more you use it, the quicker it will need replacing. For a better accuracy and longer lasting dipsticks, we recommend aluminium dipsticks.

How to care for wooden dipsticks…

Wooden dipsticks are made of a living product and must be kept in a dry, cool place and any excess product cleaned off after dipping the tanks. Correct storage must be on a flat, horizontal shelf or in a long tube to help minimise any distortion of wood while drying. Standing them against a wall outside will cause the wood to bend or twist which will affect the readings when dipping the tanks. Tolerances must be allowed for as they can’t be compared to an electronic system like the Rigana OLE tank level gauges.

Need calibration? Consider aluminium dipsticks…

The purpose of the tank dip stick is to conduct quick spot checks on stock levels in each storage tank. Wood will be naturally flawed and if you want a product which is 100% straight for calibration purposes, then consider using our aluminium dipsticks. They will give a more accurate reading when dipping the tanks and can even be marked in mm.

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