Petrol Oil Running Down A Gutter Drain


Proper wet Stock management is a vital function in the day to day operations of a Retail Service Station or any fuel storage facility. It is crucial to the early detection of potential problems such as leaks, any other fuel losses and poor operational management.

Petroleum products stored and sold at retail service stations are typically hazardous to the environment, as most storage tanks at these outlets are installed underground the risk of environmental contamination in the event of a leak is ever present.

Loss of product to ground can have a serious impact on underground water supplies, nearby rivers and streams as well as the soil in the immediate vicinity posing a health risk to plants, animals and local communities.
Exorbitant clean-up costs, loss of revenue and spoiled reputation could result if a sites wet stocks are not properly managed and analysed.

Maintaining accurate wet stock records is also a legal requirement, these records need to be retained on site for a minimum of 5 years and made available to any local authority inspector to view as and when requested.

Statistical Inventory Reconciliation is the analysing of a sites daily wet stock data using a USEPA certified method performed by sophisticated 3rd party software to accurately determine a variance trend for each tank group allowing for all factors.

Specifically designed for leak detection.

WSM Live provides the platform on which it is managed, creating a standard throughout Retail Service Stations.

With our expert knowledge, specialist analysts and innovative software, we will provide peace of mind that customers stocks are managed properly at all levels.

A WSM Live analyst will review the submitted data on a daily basis to identify and correct any irregularities in a sites wet stock data, they will remotely investigate any apparent variances in a sites wet stock data and provide recommendations.

You will receive monthly Site Performance Reports which will be emailed directly through to you, we will also produce a combined monthly Site Performance report for all sites within the cluster.


• Improving Operational Excellence from data capture to upper management.
• Failure reporting is immediate at the time of data validation and relevant persons notified automatically via email.
• It is available anywhere, anytime, even on mobile devices.
• Retailers will now be equipped to better manage and control their wet stocks.
• The application is easy to use and user friendly.
• Improve the accuracy of the data captured and so improving the quality of reports generated.
• WSM Lives’ analysis parameters will assist with the early detection of possible leaks or shortages, potentially avoiding exorbitant clean-up costs.
• Foreign fuel gains are easily recognized.
• Trends are identifiable with the graphical representation of data.
• Management decision making is assisted by the streamlined data representation.
• Data can never be lost.

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