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Why Would You Need Security Seals

Security seals are known widely as tamper-evident mechanisms used to seal cargo that are in stored in shipping containers. They work to provide some level of security for cargo that is being shipped. High-cost cargos usually face high risks of being hijacked, stolen, tampered with or swindled while in transit. Especially at sea, when international waters are common breeding grounds for criminals, thieves, pirates or other extremist groups. 

Cargo shipments are now at risk more than ever from hijackers and smugglers attempting to exploit the situation. The rising numbers also see growing crimes of theft and swindling of cargo shipments threatening many different industries. And so, the need for goods security is both a guarantee and risk-avoidance insurance. 

For business owners, losing their cargo could bring about some disruptions to their business, regardless if the cargo has been insured. But security seals are more than security itself. They act as a quality assurance layer to ensure the product upholds its material integrity for authentication purposes. Security seals are the most common measure for tamper detection to secure cargo. An unopened seal assures the transported cargo is handled with care after several logistical parties.

Rigana security seals cover a wide range of applications. Some of the markets we supply to include petro-chemical, aviation, laboratory, food and beverage, agriculture and mining.

We have a range of high quality marking machines in our factory which allows us to provide secure, personalised marking and numbering. Logos, barcoding and other marking can also be created on request.

Applications include sealing of containers, valves, gates, doors, meters, trolleys, tankers, drums, keys, vehicles, cages, boxes, bags, sacks, hazardous waste, legal evidence, fire extinguishers. A slightly different application is when seals are used for asset tagging.

The most common types of metal seals are bolt seals, ball seals, cable seals and tin clip seals. Bolt seals are used to secure shipping containers, trucks and trailers. Balls seals are used for securing trucks. Cable seals are more versatile and come in different lengths. Tin seals are used in conjunction with sealing wire. They are versatile and easy to use. Metal seals usually have a higher level of security.

The most common types of plastic seals are variable length seals, fixed length seals, padlock seals, meter seals and special adhesive tapes/labels. They commonly made from polypropolene or nylon, some may also have internal metal locking parts.

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